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Pegz® 49 piece Calendar Cube Connectable Stamps + 7 blanks

Pegz® 49 piece Calendar Cube Connectable Stamps + 7 blanks

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Pegz® stamp sets click and stay together for creating multiple impressions. Great for use with ink, clay, and underglazes. Our Calendar Cube contains 49 stamps, have all the numbers of the month, first letter of each weekday, forward slash, hashtag, ampersand, and hyphen. Stamp important dates in planners, journals, and cards.

Our unique and versatile Calendar Cube pieces connect together both horizontally and vertically. First connect the Days of the Week stamps horizontally in order: M T W T F S S. Then connect the the number 1 below the appropriate day of the week and build your month from there using the blank spaces as necessary. It's simple, easy and fun to customize your calendar cube to whatever month you need! 

Note: Other Planner stamp sets shown for idea purposes. They are sold separately. 

Please watch our American Typewriter Calendar Bundle video to see the assembly process of a Calendar Cube.
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